The culinary adventures of a 20-something woman navigating the wonderful world of food!

The culinary adventures of a 20-something year old woman navigating the wonderful world of food!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Asian Beef Salad

           Last year, the husband and I ordered a full years worth of organic meat. It comes from a few farms near Barrie, and we have been really happy with the quality and taste of all the meat - except for one type. the sirloin tip steak. It is quite tough, largely because there isn't enough fat on the meat. Its too lean. So I have been trying to figure out ways to use the steak and get it tender enough to enjoy.
           The biggest trick to this meat (and any other cheap cut of beef) is to marinate it extensively. This steak I marinated for about 6 hours, although overnight would have been ideal.  I am happy to say though, that this steak turned out fabulous. And it was absolutely perfect for the Asian Beef Salad.

Steak Marinade/Dressing:
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tbsp sodium-reduced soy sauce
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp brown sugar
1/3 cup apple or orange juice
1 tsp minced ginger
2 cloves garlic, smashed

1 lb sirloin tip steak

6 cups leaf lettuce
1 small red pepper, thinly sliced
red onion
1/2 cup snow peas

  1. Whisk ingredients for marinade together. Pour half over sirloin steak and let marinade 6+ hours, or overnight. Refridgerate remaining dressing.
  2. Pre-heat BBQ. Grill steak 6 minutes per side for medium-rare. Do not overcook steak (nothing past medium). Let stand 3 minutes before slicing into thin strips.
  3. Combine lettuce, red pepper & onion in a large bowl. Pour remaining dressing over and toss lightly to coat. Arrange on plates with steak on top. Garnish with sesame seeds and green onion, if desired.


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