The culinary adventures of a 20-something woman navigating the wonderful world of food!

The culinary adventures of a 20-something year old woman navigating the wonderful world of food!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Frozen Mocha Latte

          Sometime last year, my mother bought me a fridge magnet. It was the most fitting gift for me, because of what it said: "Latte is french for you paid too damn much for that coffee."
          Those who know me well, know that I absolutely love lattes. To me, they are the Filet Mignon of coffee. The Paris of hot drinks. Basically, they are perfect. Except for their price tag. A grande latte at Starbucks will run you at least $4 a drink, and if you get the specialty frozen version in the summer, it can easily be $5. Not affordable for a student like myself! Plus, there aren't very many places to get one in the small town that I live.
         So when I crave a frozen blended drink in the summer, I make my own frozen latte. Here is a fast & easy, tried & true recipe. This recipe makes 1 - but you can easily quadruple it and use a blender. I use a Magic Bullet to make an individual portion when its just me.

1 cup skim milk
1 tbsp instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp hot water
1/2 tsp pure cocoa powder
2 tbsp instant hot chocolate mix
4 ice cubes

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend for about 30 seconds. Enjoy!

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  1. Yum! I'd go for one of those right now, and I live behind a Starbucks!