The culinary adventures of a 20-something woman navigating the wonderful world of food!

The culinary adventures of a 20-something year old woman navigating the wonderful world of food!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Mixed Berry Trifle

           I really, really, love desserts. Although I might have had this post about needing to eat better, I can't resist a good sweet treat. 
           I recently had a barbeque to celebrate my first sale (and thus paycheque!) as a real estate sales representative. Somehow, all I had to do was make dessert, as everyone else brought something (thank you!) 
             I decided to use my neat glass serving dish that the husband bought me, and a trifle was the perfect fit. The final result looked fabulous, and of course it tasted delightful as well. I have to admit that I totally cheated - I used bought angel food cake AND brownies, just to save time. I might just use bought mix from now on, because it was SO easy to do.

2 store-bought angel food cakes
1 package bite-size brownies
1 package instant vanilla pudding
1 package instant chocolate pudding
4 cups milk (for the pudding)
2 skor bars, cut up
Fresh sliced strawberries & blueberries (about 1 cup each)
1 package cool whip

1. Make both vanilla and chocolate pudding according to package directions. Put in fridge to firm, at least one hour.
2. Tear angel food cake into chunks, and cut brownies into bite-size pieces. 
3. Line the bottom of dish with angel food cake (about 1 cake worth). Cover with chocolate pudding and   1 cut-up skor bar. 
4. Make another layer with all of the cut-up brownie, then layer with vanilla pudding & remaining skor bar.
5. Do final layer with angel food cake, then top with cool whip and fresh fruit.
Serve immediately.

Note - the trifle can be made up to 24 hours ahead of time and refrigerated. Keeps about 2 days in fridge & serves 8-16 people.

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